Projects, not contexts, silly

In my last post, I outlined my projected context structure in OmniFocus. When I was just about done creating this context structure, and placing a few sample tasks that I already had, I realized that contexts such as ‘Executing Tech Talks with the team’ is not really a context. It’s a Project. So I rewrote all of my mind map contexts as projects instead, reserving contexts for very simple things:


My one goal here is to:
a.) Be able to “have a well-rounded day”, i.e. approx. 1 task included in my Forecast from each of my (now) Project buckets. (this is possible now with all my new projects and sub projects)
b.) Be able to quickly classify a task when I am entering things on the fly. If it’s not dead easy to add a task, I am not going to use the system. (this is possible now with my very limited set of contexts)

So that was a big paradigm shift. I just assumed contexts needed to be very intricate, but in fact my Project usage of OF2 just needed to be taken to the next level.

Next up: Applescripting OF2 to create a Perspective of 1 task from each of my Projects. Stay tuned..

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